We are riding to help the American Diabetes Association in its efforts to improve the lives of persons with Diabetes, both types 1 and 2.  Fund raising is what this is about but also Fun raising.  I have fielded a team most of the last 15 years.  In the past they were local Ventura County rides but now the ride is consolidated for Southern California in Long Beach.  My team has raised up to $8000 in a year toward the control and cure of Diabetes.  I have made alot of friends on this ride.  The enthusiasm is infectious at the ride with everyone dedicated to help their family members and friends battle this widespread scourge that is responsible for most of the new cases of blindness, kidney failure and amputations in this country.  The advances that can be attributed to support come in terms of funding for basic research, technology, and community education. We try to raise awareness of diabetes so that the many persons who have diabetes and don’t know it can get diagnosed earlier before the damage is done.  The fun part for me is in the riding  beautiful routes on my road bike with good friends and supporters.  There always need for volunteers at the ride. Join the Team and ride or help.  Support the ADA

The ride is called The Tour de Cure.  Google the name and sign up for The DOC BRAND TEAM riding in Long Beach on April 29, 2012.    Jody Daily our RD.CDE is volunteering and we are lucky to have her.   Hopefully we will all get together before the start and cheer the riders on.  Come On Down.