November is Diabetes Awareness Month

I would refer you to the web page of the American Diabetes Association ( for a very informative article on diabetes in addition to a wealth of related information. I hope you all gotr your flu shots. They are available at the office while they last.
There are so many new medications for diabetes that it is breathtaking. Today I met with the representation from Mannkind company which makes the inhaled insulin Afrezza. It is very rapid acting since it is inhaled. I is regular insulin , that is Insulin R because the humalog and novolog insulins are modified to work faster in the fat where they are injected. This insulin is inhaled into the lung and needs no modification. Cough can be an issue and we measure lung function annually on persons who use it.
Type 2 Diabetes has new options for insulin resistance and insulin replacement. Some of the older insulins seem to be as effective as the new ones for lower cost. Cost is being raised in the news and the medical literature because the cost of insulin is skyrocketing over the last few years. No generics are available now and each time a patent runs out a new insulin is being promoted. We practitioners are being advised to individualize medication for our patients and that is what doctors are supposed to do. Diabetes is becoming more specialized and here at the office we are working hard to serve our patients well.
There are many new developments to talk about. Persons with Diabetes are living longer and healthier in the USA than every before. It is my pleasure to provide my advice and my experience to make your lives healthy
I would like to see everyone have a happy holiday season. Decorations at the office should go up soon.

Dr. Brand