New Dexcom Blood sugar sensor

I have received my new Dexcom G4-Platinum.  I need to use up my sensors for my Dexcom 7 first and am looking forward to trying out the new one.  I understand that it has a longer range and comes in colors, mine is blue.  The transmitter has rounded edges and the insertion device is basically the same.  There is an on line tutorial which I am going to watch and will report again on how I like this tool.  I have had gratifying results in my practice and myself to reduce episodes of hypoglycemia and thereby improve control and lower A1C.   Persons with great concern and fear of hypoglycemia are good candidates and feel more secure.  I used to get up by the clock at 2 AM to prevent and head off lows.  Now I sleep unless awakened by the alarm.  Fear of Hypoglycemia has been stated to be one of the leading barriers to good control.  We are finding that in my practice.  My educator Michelle Cordell, RD, CDE is really making the Dexcom perform and she and Jody Daily are happy with the device  Michelle has worn it for at least a year.  I have had mine for a about a year also and sometimes the alarms drive my wife crazy but most of the time we appreciate the Dexcom for it contribution to my Diabetes control and safety.