Flu shots at the office

This year our office will be starting to give the 2014 shots for influenza on the first of October.  The vaccines have already been ordered and will arrived soon.  Rosa or Evelia will be giving vaccinations to patients with appointments at the time of their office visit.  If you do not have an scheduled appointment, then flu shots will be given 0830 to 0930 Monday through Friday.  Please call to set up a day for your  flu shot.

Peak flu season is January/February.  The Centers for Disaease Control recommends that the flu shot be given in Octobert.  It takes 2 weeks to be fully effective.  All persons over 6 months are recommended for vaccination.

He risk groups include PREGNANT WOMEN, children less than 5, adults greater than 65, peorsons with Asthma, heart disease, kidney disease, DIABETES, liver disease and morbid obesity( BMI greater than 40.

Needless to say as a Diabetes specialty office many of our patients need  to be vaccinated.

The 2014 flu vaccine wll be from Novartis company and is called Fluvirin and is given intramuscularly.

viruses covered by the trivalent vaccine are H!N! A/California, H#N2 A/Texas, and B/Massachusetts.

I hope all of you will take advantage of protection from this years flu.  I and my staff are at your service and they all will be vaccinated themselves, Thank you