Flu Shots 2020

Flu shots will be available starting in October for the 2020  season.  These will be administered by our nursing staff by appointment.  CDC recommends that persons should be receiving their flu shot by the end of October.  It takes 2 weeks for full immunity to develop after the shot and protect from flu virus infection.  The immune response needs to extend throughout the entire flu season extending well into 2021.  Early injection in August and September may be too early and the immunity may not last long enough. We will be giving the regular flu shot which is given in the arm deltoid muscle.  There is a High dose flu shot that would be found at pharmacies for persons over age 65.

The flu shot is particularly important this year because of the ongoing COVID-19 epidemic.  Symptoms may be similar and coincident infections may be possible and severe.  The importance of flu shots for pregnant women are also recommended by the CDC and the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology. The flue shot should be given in any trimester of pregnancy. Any abnormality of blood sugar metabolism in pregnancy  e.g. Gestational Diabetes and Diabetes with pregnancy  increases the importance of influenza protection.