The Dr. Brand office is going to start Electronic Medical Records over the next few months.  So far we have done Electronic Prescribing but The various entities that pay for medical care require that the whole medical record be electronic.  This will require a lot of effort onbehalf of my staff and myself  and I have yet to meet a physician who had a smooth start.  The hospitals also have complex medical record programs which are different from hospital to hospital and clinic  to clinic making communication between them and the private offices difficult .  Some doctors who are consultants have had to learn to use 5 or 6 different programs.  Thankfully I do not go to the hospital anymore. After over 30 years, now the hospitalists are very capable and are in the hospital 24 hrs a day to maximize efficiency in a very expensive venue.

I am completing this blog on EMR now that we have about two years in. Most current records are on the computer now. I bring my computer into the room to acces the chart which was scanned in. This can work very well if the WIFI is working right and the proper records are in. We have not thrown away any charts that are less than 7 years old, the legal requirement. Over all we are getting used to this and it has its benefits. For instance the Quest lab in automatically sending labs. We give patients a website to see some of their data. I expect to have your lab test available on line soon. I use Dragon speaking software to dictate into the computer. It sometimes does not come out exactly well and has to be corrected. Voice recognition is becoming better and better and is a special topic in this week’s Economist.
The EMR requires everyone in the office to participate and my staff has adapted so well. I am very proud of them.
2017 holds a lot in store. The Bike ride is coming in May and THE DOC BRAND team will ride again. This time at the Santa Fe Reservoir in Duarte. Anyone can join and there are different distances. A lot of enthusiasm and spirit every year.