Direct Marketting

I would like to make you aware of an article that I read today in the LA TIMES business section.  It concerns direct marketing by drug companies and by the company LifeLIne that does procedures such as blood work and unauthorized scans catering to persons who have no medical symptoms that would prompt their physician to order them.  The results of these marketing efforts then commit persons to unnecessary further investigations and use of expensive drugs that they do not need.  Every evening in long ads between segments of the evening news we are bombarded by ads that promote these name brand drugs.  Once a drug goes to generic you will never see it again.  Most conditions are covered by generics which in the past were marketed just as aggressively..  For some medications there just are no choices.  The new genetically engineered insulins are one class.  These costs cannot be avoided although the expense is prohibitive.  Still depending on the person’s circumstances I can modify the cost if possible.  At the office we keep up with what is current in Internal Medicine and Diabetes and hope to serve our patients with medical care that is effective and rational.  We do not see as many detail people in the office anymore because direct TV advertising must be more effective.  The article written by David Lazarus today should be read by all of you due to this grievous  exploitation of a person with dementia.  It is not just demented persons who have to be aware., Caveat Emptor

“Unprescribed medical  tests are themselves a sign of trouble” David Lazarus , LA TIMES January 9, 2015, Business section