Diabetes Continues to Move Ahead

It certainly has been awhile since my last effort at blogging. I was just reviewing my last on November 2015. I think that came our rather well and still applies. As you can see on our logo, diabetes control requires balancing the elements of Meal planning, exercise and Medications. When these come into balance, good things happen. In our Logo the Sun shines. As most of you know I have had Type 1 Diabetes since 1980. It has been in the works, back to the days of Regular and NPH insulin and strips that showed your blood sugar based on matching the color of the strip to the chart on the strip vial. Many persons with Type 1 can remeber longer than that. The ADA gives a medal for persons who have lived 50 years with Diabetes. I hope to get there. Nowadays I and my patients are able to take advantage of Insulin Pumps. The technology has advanced to incorporating sensors that give up to the minute blood sugar data . The New MEDTRONIC 670 adjust the basal rate infusion to always target the optimal blood sugar level. Hypoglycemia has always been the limiting factor in trying to achieve near normal diabetes control. Now with the sensors, the alarms that they can give especially in the middle of the night, has been perhaps the biggest step yet to allay the fears of many persons, parents.
At the office we are using sensor trials to try to interpret and improve the control of both types of diabetes. A week on the sensor may show one or two areas that need improvement. Our educators work with that person with that data and can significantly improve A1c.
Holidays are hard for persons with diabetes with all the food around. We just had Thanksgiving and now Christmas, Chanukah and New Years. Diabetes is a condition that requires the family be involved in supporting the family member to achieve control. Many families of ours have more than one member with Type 2 diabetes. It is gratifying when the family comes with the patient to the office visit.
Type 2 Diabetes is around 85 to 90% of persons with diabetes. The Diabetes epidemic is worldwide. The reduced need for physical exertion in work and the easy acces to high calorie foods has added weight to the entire population and dramatically increased the Type 2 Diabetes population. These factors are evident all over the world and this insulin resistant condition is playing havoc with the life expectancy that had steadily been lengthening in the past century. True, we have new, potent medications and even obesity surgery to offer. These are very expensive. Education of the general population, raising the awareness of risk of diabetes and encouraging healthy lifestyle is the answer. This has been been demonstrated in several studies. Reducing fat in the diet and 30 minutes of exercise each day will do more than any medication can.
Here we have much to offer. Our Registerd Dieticians and Certified Diabetes Educators can help implement an individualized meal plan, an exercise plan and including the application of medications for each person with Diabetes.
We are here to help improved the lives persons with diabetes and their families.
I have had this mission since 1980 and I hope to have achieved this goal for our patients
Happiest Holidays and New Year to all of you.
Richard D. Brand, MD, Michelle Fishman PA-C, Michelle CORDELL, RD/CDE, Jody Daily, RD/CDE, Elvia, Rosa, Jeanette, Evelia, and Janice