Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM)

The Dr. Brand office is teaching starting patients on Contiuous Glucose Monitoring. It is either to use short term 1 week duration and then reviewing the results in order to optimize control of Diabetes, or continuing monitoring as I do myself. I keep my monitor on and it gives me information that includes my blood sugar and also a line of trends with arrows to show which way my blood sugar is going. The arrows indicate how fast blood sugar is going down or up. The device is entered into the fat on the stomach or thighs with a small needle. There is an algorithm that compensates for the sugar level in the fat or interstitial fluid and comes out with pretty accurate information. Generally the sensor is changed every 7 days. Unlike a pump site, there is very little reaction at all. I believe that all patients on insulin should have this to prevent unanticipated low blood sugars. CGM is not just for persons on pumps. Persons on oral medications may also benefit. Especially in a one week trial. We start you on one of our loaner devices and it stores data that can be reviewed and analyzed in the presence of our Diabetes Educators. Many times a minor change in diet, pills , insulin or exercise can result in a major improvement in A1c. Please ask about this service if your control is less than optimal and especially if you are having hypoglycemia events. The devices warn you when you are low and can be set at an appropriate level for each individual.