Diabetes Continues to Move Ahead

It certainly has been awhile since my last effort at blogging. I was just reviewing my last on November 2015. I think that came our rather well and still applies. As you can see on our logo, diabetes control requires balancing the elements of Meal planning, exercise and Medications. When these come into balance, good […]

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Direct Marketting

I would like to make you aware of an article that I read today in the LA TIMES business section.  It concerns direct marketing by drug companies and by the company LifeLIne that does procedures such as blood work and unauthorized scans catering to persons who have no medical symptoms that would prompt their physician […]

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Flu shots at the office

This year our office will be starting to give the 2014 shots for influenza on the first of October.  The vaccines have already been ordered and will arrived soon.  Rosa or Evelia will be giving vaccinations to patients with appointments at the time of their office visit.  If you do not have an scheduled appointment, […]

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Diabetes Video about its impact on the body

This video shows how Diabetes impacts the body in various ways. It is a quality information video that helps people living with diabetes to understand the changes in their body and how Diabetes changes things.

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Moving More — Let’s Get Physical

by Jody Daily, RD, CDE We have all been told time and time again, the importance of including exercise in our daily activities.  Exercise helps you manage blood sugar, blood pressure, counteracts obesity, increases muscle strength, lowers the risk for heart disease, improves self esteem and much more.  Yet so many of us are still sedentary! […]

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Vaccines recommended for persons with Diabetes 2014

As many of you know we have posted the 2013 recommended vaccines that most persons with with Diabetes need. These have been published by CDC and many of them pertain to a good portion of the general population as well. Flu Shots The flu shot will be available in October. I hope to put the […]

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Hypoglycemia and other musings

It has been some time since I have written something. Now that we have a new year and some new technologies as well as some other interesting developments in Diabetes, I would like to make sure that I share some of them.. The actual article that caught my eye recently was in Empower Magazine with […]

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New Dexcom Blood sugar sensor

I have received my new Dexcom G4-Platinum.  I need to use up my sensors for my Dexcom 7 first and am looking forward to trying out the new one.  I understand that it has a longer range and comes in colors, mine is blue.  The transmitter has rounded edges and the insertion device is basically […]

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The Santa Barbara Tour de Cure 2013

Once again the Team rides for the benefit of persons with Diabetes everywhere.  Not wanting to be The Lone Ranger in this effort I hope to see a lot of you riding or volunteering to support the ADA.   By the way it is some of the most fun you will have, with some of the […]

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I would like to bring attention to something that you all may be aware of. That is the frequent occurence of infection by the resistant bacteria, MRSA. This stands for Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus. These infections are divided into Hospital acquired and community acquired. Years ago, perhaps traced back to 1999 these infections were only […]

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