40 years of Type 1

Back in 1979 September first, when I entered an established practice in Oxnard, Diabetes was pretty far from my mind.  I had finished 3 years of internal medicine residency in a great program, passed my boards and had spent my Resident Supervisor year looking for a practice opportunity.  Luckily we found Oxnard and Camarillo. I was off to the races , busy from the very first day when my senior associate left for a month in China.  I greatly appreciated his trust and was totally involved in taking care of his patients while he was gone and building my own practice.  In June of 1980, I was certain that the stress was getting to me although I do not generally react to stress of work adversely. I lost weight, I was up night and day in the bathroom and felt flushed.  Eventually I was diagnosed with diabetes with a 500 Blood sugar and put right into the hospital and started on Insulin.  The nurses gave back rubs in those days.  My wife and I learned to deal with Diabetes from the Patient’s perspective.  At Los Angeles County Hospital I had had a lot of exposure to Diabetes of various kinds and its complications.  Now I had to think about these things myself.  Since that time dI have committed myself to the care and education of persons with diabetes to provide for their better health and prevention of the eye ,kidney and nerve as well as the larger vessel complication, coronary disease and amputations.

I believe that I was given the opportunity to contribute to the better health of our community since Diabetes is such a common diagnosis here and the complications provide most of the work for our cardiologists, kidney and eye doctors.  It has been proven that diabetes control and education play a major role in preventing these problems  I was the first diabetes specialist to employ Certified Diabetes Educators who are Registered Dietitians.  The most difficult area that challenges the person with both kinds of diabetes are dietary.  The educators teach testing, insulin, medications, foot care, insulin pump and now sensor use.  These  tools help persons with diabetes achieve control of their blood sugar and live better and longer.  My goal for myself and my patients are the same.  I have been diabetic longer than when I was not and I FEEL GOOD

I hope to post more often in the future,