2016 ADA Bike Ride

Yes once again, I am riding for the benefit of all persons with Diabetes both type 1 and type 2. It is fascinating to enumerate the advances in understanding and treatment that have happened since I developed Type 1 diabetes in 1980. Because of these advances due to research and education that the American Diabetes Association supports, I do not have any complications. This is rare in person with Insulin requiring Diabetes. It represents and strong commitment to self care and to be able to take advantage of the new technologies such as insulin pumps and continuous glucose monitors. The help is there through our experienced diabetes educators and staff. Zyggie, my co captain for THE DOC BRAND TEAM welcomes anyone who would like to ride and or donate to the Team. Weather is always good. May 1 we ride from the Queen Mary in Long Beach. The atmosphere is high, The Red Riders lead the way. Always a great time. This will be my umpteenth ride. We will ride 36 miles, but there are several choices of routes and distances with an enthusiastic welcome and lunch at the end. Try it, you will like it